100 acres of natural preserve located between Las Cruces and El Paso

Welcome to the Lake of La Mesa Ranch

The Decending Super Moon - from the front porch. An early and misty morning looking through the Yucca on the Southwest side of the adobe's yard.
One thing about the Las Cruces area - we always have nice views of the local mountains. This picture taken in the afternoon with the sun casting interesting shadows on the Organ Mountains. This picture was taken from the front lawn area of the adobe.
Each year in the springtime we get these beautiful flowers by the hacienda on the path towards the old horse corral.
From the adobe's kitchen we get these wonderful morning views of the sun rising. The winter mornings rarely disappoint and they are always a little different.
Again from the adobe's front porch in the summertime. The monsoon season reminds me of the Big Island in Hawaii. Many showers, lots of sun and rainbows...