100 acres of natural preserve located between Las Cruces and El Paso

Welcome to the Lake of La Mesa Ranch

There are thousands of myths and stories about the coyote. Many Native cultures call them the medicine dog or the animal of humor. I don't know about that, but I can listen to their songs for hours. The coyotes that live in this area are well fed and when we do see them they appear healthy and tend to stay clear of any habitats.
A few years ago the deer population on the ranch was fairly high, but in the last decade I have not encountered very many. I have seen them from the air on the BLM lands surrounding the ranch.
Wild Boar or as the Mayans called them - Javelina. They are amazing creatures and we have several roaming families of them. They love the pecans from the trees and the wild roots that grow in the area. Many people fear or hunt these creatures, but they are very shy and cautious and only become dangerous when cornered. I have encountered them on several occasions and they always give me a wide berth. If given a choice they will depart quickly.
Mountain Lions are beautiful creatures and on occasions we get one or more passing through. Because they are quite large and can be mighty, they are also very much like the coyote and blamed for things that may not be their doing. They too seem to be well fed and pretty much stay up on the mesa or away from populations. In city areas they can become deadly to domestic animals, but out here there is plenty for them to eat from the natural environment.