100 acres of natural preserve located between Las Cruces and El Paso

Welcome to the Lake of La Mesa Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions
Are Both Homes for Sale?
Yes, they are on separate parcels
Can the Property Be sub-divided?
It already is; the adobe is on approx 70 acres and the hacienda is on the rest.
Can the land be farmed?
Yes, the land would need to be leveled, tilled, and provisions for water (canals, ducts, permits, etc); some parts are higher and sandier while others are low and fertile.
Are there wild animals on the property?
Can we visit the property without an appointment?
No. Please call or email your request. The contact information is on the contact page.
Are there fish in the lake?
There were fish galore until the lake was sucked below ground level.
Can we hunt on the property?
No hunting of any kind.
Is the entire property fenced?
What wild animals are on the land?
Many species - check out the Fauna page for a preview.
How much time is needed for a showing?
It takes at least 2 hours to see the land and the buildings. But if you time it right you can end the tour at Chopes famous restaurant in La Mesa.
Can I use my agent or broker to make an offer?
Yes, we like brokers and agents.
Are there water rights with the property?
All water rights that exist are outlined in the abstract deeds from the last 100 years and will be passed to the new owners. There are controversial issues about water rights  in New Mexico currently. There is litigation between Texas, New Mexico and Colorado that is in front of  the United States Supreme Court which could change how the water will be used in this area for years to come..
Can I park my RV's on the land?
Yes, many places to hookup.
What about horses?
There are some old corrals that are at least 50 years old. I do not think there are adequate structures currently for horses, but there could be. The land is well suited.