100 acres of natural preserve located between Las Cruces and El Paso

Welcome to the Lake of La Mesa Ranch

The adobe structure is approximately 7,000 sq ft and was built in 1995. The home is divided into 3 sections; the first section is a two bedroom Santa Fe style home with pecan wood floors, Talavara tile and diamond plaster finish. The second section is a large garage area that is setup for multipurpose use and includes a bathroom, heating and cooling. The third section was designed to serve as a helicopter hanger and misc. storage. The adobe structure includes approximately 2000 square feet living space with 2000 square feet as a wood and craft shop  (plumbed, heated and finished) and 3,000 square that serves as the hanger for the helicopter.
A summertime view of the adobe looking towards the south. Beyond the grass area is a pecan orchard with approximately 50 trees. Years ago this area also included grape vines and a fruit orchard.
Another view looking south showing the vegas and corbels surrounding the porch area.
The winter time views are not quite so lush. From late November to late February most plants go dormant along with most of the native vegetation. Winter days for the most part are quite mild, however the nighttime temperatures tend to drop below freezing causing the flora to turn brown as illustrated by this lake shot.
An east side view showing the hanger door in relationship to the rest of the structure.
During the monsoon period in the summer, the entire ranch becomes quite green.
The early morning rising sun strikes the adobe on the east side unobstructed from neighbors, buildings, and trees. The master bedroom windows receive the sunrise from all angles.
This is the front entrance to the ranch from the main gate. To the left is a road (not shown) that leads to the hacienda. The road to the right leads to the adobe parking area. The center road leads to the pump house and lake.
There are a total of 7 large doors to the garage and hanger area of the building. 3 doors on the north side, 3 on the west side and the large hanger door on the east side.
Looking from the main gate towards the northwest. The large area in front can be groomed like a Japanese garden or you can grow an orchard, plant gardens or create decorative landscaping.
The interior of the adobe features diamond plaster, vegas, latillas, and a front room kiva in the old Santa Fe pueblo tradition. The walls are two adobe courses thick with a 4 inch space between each course providing wonderful insulation from the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. The windows are double paned glass with wood frames manufactured by Hurd. 
The wrap around dining area provides 180 degree views of the rich and natural vegetation. Vegas and latillas overhead  The grand room is wonderful for family gatherings and entertainment.
All cabinets and trim work is hand crafted and custom designed by William Honecker from the best solid wood materials. Vegas were brought in from the Gila wilderness and tile work from Talavara. The large center island enhances cooking festivities where all can converse and socialize around the kiva fireplace. This grand room is a pleasure for living room activities and conducive for comfortable gatherings.
The middle garage is a large space with enough room for 3 cars along with work stations. Over the years this middle area was used as a woodworking shop for building classic furniture. The space features its own bathroom along with  heating and cooling ducts. It was designed for possible expansion should the need arise.
The hanger area is a very large space that at one time housed a helicopter and several classic automobiles along with tractors and accessories. This space is also designed for possible living quarter expansion with double framing, clearstory windows and heavy insulation in the walls and even the hanger doors.
Within the hanger section the ceiling is 16 feet high with many windows. Natural lighting abounds. The roof above is reinforced and wired. The roof-top space is a wonderful place for family activities with the most spectacular views.
Water for the adobe area is supplied by a deep well with pump and pressure tank housed within the small white structure to the left. Underground water pipes feed the lawns and trees and are remotely controlled.
Although the lake level is much lower than shown in this picture as of the date of this writing (Jan 2018) it appears to be re-emerging. This picture shows the proximity of the lake dock to that of the adobe structure. The small buildings to the left are the well house and the tiny garage. The boat dock is about 200 feet from the adobe.